Just the FAQ's Ma'am




Are you available on short notice?


Copera is available on short notice; however, a nominal fee may be assessed to cover the expedited costs.


Do you provide any of your services via tele-conference?


Some topics can be approached for your organizations via video. It is preferable to book an in person speaking engagement. for the complete Copera experience. Music creates lasting effects, enhancing our message to offer a more powerful impact for your audience.


How long are your speaking performances?


Our speaking engagements can vary depending on the needs of your organization. It depends also on the platform you are using, such as convention, seminar, or small group. We can accommodate short, medium, or long performances.


Are you available on weekends and/or evenings?


Yes, we aim to meet the needs of your organization.



What are your performance fees?


Please contact Copera direct to discuss fees.


Does Copera travel internationally for performance and speaking engagements?


Yes. We travel globally to reach all audiences.



Appetizer from our Musical Menu:

"The Prayer"

"To enrich the lives of others, we must share ourselves"