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Hallie Neill and Theodore Lambrinos

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"Hallie is incredibly creative, highly motivated and a joy to have on a team. She gains a sense of the goal and then miraculously takes your vision to a place an audience will love. It is magical working with her.” – Romanus Wolter, Director of Doggie Boogie (feature film), Opera Voiceover


Beautiful, stunning, amazing and awesome! Our guests were totally blown away by the magnificent voices of Hallie Neill and Theodore Lambrinos. I highly recommend this entertaining, educational and inspiring evening. You will not be disappointed! -- Richard Scurry, Private Fundraiser for Bible Literacy Project


“An artistic triumph! We were in awe of Hallie and Ted - such magnificent singers. I highly recommend this show to anyone that is looking for a fun, professional and entertaining event – something lighter and different.” — Richard Bojko, President, Opera New Hampshire (Fundraising event)


The Neill-Lambrinos chemistry is sheer magic and their personal warmth captivating. Voices as rich a vocal blend as the finest of coffees they bring fun, beauty and glamour – simply great entertainment. — Nino Pantano, Opera Broadcast, Diva Baritone performance in NYC


“Two splendid singers tackling a catalog of classic songs. Neill’s clarion, crisp soprano and Lambrinos’ powerful baritone bring a delightful chemistry to the stage – most entertaining! — The Times Picayune, A Scandalous Affair performance, New Orleans


“Charm, warmth and love exude from the beautiful voices of Lambrinos and Neill. Deliciously flavored with an infectious humor, make for a delightful evening!” — Maestro Anton Coppola, Opera/Broadway Conductor


I cannot give enough praise to Hallie Neill for her creation of a musical play adapted from my book “Sweethearts.” Beautifully sung, with a smart script that riveted the audience's attention, Hallie and Ted bring to life the off-screen love affair of 1930’s movie icons, Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy. In appearances throughout the US, I watched the audience react with pride, as they portrayed the patriotic WWII scene – singing patriotic songs with such heart and passion, the audience leapt to their feet - hearkening back to a time when this mattered. Hallie is immensely talented and draws in the crowds! -- Sharon Rich, Author, Speaker, Film Historian